DATABASE Aug 20, 2019


A good vitamin D and B12 protocol is a safe and easy way for most people to see reduction in symptoms. From reading through the literature and speaking to people on deficiency forums the best 'base' is as follows.

  • Vitamin D : 4,500IU
  • Vitamin K2 MK7 : 500mcg+
  • Magnesium : 500mg (elemental) + topped up with oils, lotions, baths, etc..
  • Boron : 3mg

This is all within the safe limits, any risks associated with high Vitamin D dosage are due to hyperglyciamia which is mediated by K2 MK7,  directing the calcium to the places it needs to be. Magnesium ensures the D3 can be activated. Boron works in synergy with D3 to support your bones.


The B vitamins are much harder to supplement and near impossible to test accurately for. Anecdotally many people seem to do well supplementing B12 sublingually with 5mg Folic Acid + a B complex.

However there are different forms of all these vitamins and some are tolerated better than others. Present of MTHFR mutations mean mean you need the methylated versions of these vitamins. Database