DATABASE Jul 18, 2019

For RCCXrs, there are several significant genes you can see in standard genetic tests. Tailoring supplement regimes to suit your genome has helped many - with some even claiming to have reversed their symptoms entirely.

This is a very dense subject, please research properly and consult your doctor before starting any supplementation routine. Even seemingly trivial things can have various significant negative impacts and knock-on effects.

If your report looks anything like mine, you'll want to be supplementing the following. You should feel the benefits from Vitamin D in 2-12 weeks, Vitamin B can provide near-instantanious relief in some cases - but general it takes about 3 months of 'loading' befoe you've reached a optimal level and you can drop to a dose to sustain.

  • Vitamin D routine + co-factors
  • Vitamin B routine + co-factors
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